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If you're drunk and you call 911 to say something stupid, there's a chance they'll give you a pass and you won't get arrested. This woman didn't stop with just one call. 45-year-old Lisa Makris of Boca Raton, Florida got drunk on Sunday night. At 4:54 A.M. on Monday, she called...
KOBE BRYANT is playing his last game in the NBA tonight. And normally that would be the sports headline of the night. But it's happening the same night the Golden State Warriors could make NBA history by winning their 73rd game of the regular season . . . beating the amazing 72-...
Two cops recently came up with a list of ways to get out of a ticket if you're pulled over. And some we'd seen some before, like don't argue, and know where your registration is. But here are a few you might not think about . . . 1. Put your turn signal on as soon as possible,...
Pizza Hut delivery driver set up, robbed in Collinsville, police say ( - A pizza delivery driver was set up by several suspects in Collinsville so they could rob him, police say. The robbery occurred around 9:00 p.m. on April 7. Authorities say a delivery driver for...
If you remember our story from yesterday, Senator Schumer of New York is calling for an investigation into a gun that looks like an iPhone. For more information, and a picture of the gun, you can find it all here . For the story from yesterday's blog, go here .
Is it fair to say that someone who misspells a really basic word isn't as sharp as you and me? Or is it "you and I"? I have to be careful here since I'm about to call a whole lot of people dumb. The car website Jalopnik ranked the owners of different car brands from smartest to...
Maybe you owe your boss a "thank you" for being such an unpredictable, demanding jackass. A new survey found that deep down, most of us actually LIKE being stressed out at work. 60% of people say a little stress motivates them, and 32% say that they're at their best when things...