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We give you a "fact" from Jeff Burton's past. You tell us if it's true or just some Burton BS
A Woman Stashed $30,000 in Her Stove . . . Then Accidentally Burned It All Making Tea If you wanna see how strong your relationship is, just do something like THIS, and see how long it lasts . . . A 39-year-old contractor in China recently had to borrow $30,000 from friends and...
A recent study of over 12,700 customers named Papa Murphy’s as America’s number one pizza chain for the second year in a row. I’ve never heard of the second place either, yikes, I need to get out more! Pizza ranch came in at number two, followed by my favorite, Papa John’s...
The Rams and Eagles are swapping QBs. The Rams have agreed to trade Sam Bradford to Philadelphia for quarterback Nick Foles. Conditional draft picks are also involved. Bradford missed all of last year with a torn ACL, while Foles is coming off a broken collarbone. The Rams will...
Deputy sheriff fired over racist Xbox Live rant In a resounding display of stupidity, a Mississippi police officer has been fired following an angry tirade on Xbox Live, where he gave a fake name but a real badge number. Former Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Slater was...
Photo of the Day: A Christian Homeless Shelter in Alaska Is Named "The Glory Hole" Before you name your business, you NEED to use Google. Spend the extra 10 seconds to make sure you didn't accidentally pick an obscure sexual term. Or, in this case, a NOT OBSCURE sexual term...
Sign of the Apocalypse? McDonald's Is Adding Kale to Their Menu McDonald's ran a commercial in January called " The Unapologetic Big Mac ." It's the one that said, quote, "You can't get juiciness like this from soy or quinoa. This is not Greek yogurt." Then it zoomed in on the...
Utah Lawmakers Approve Firing Squad's Return As Death Penalty Option, Unknown If Gov. Will Sign Utah — the only state in the past 40 years to carry out a death sentence by firing squad — is poised to bring back the Old West-style executions if the state cannot track down drugs...