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Deputies arrested a local man on March 1 after they say he was found huffing paint in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. Glenn Allen Casdorph, also known as Casdorph the Destroyer, was found in a grassy field on Cross Lanes Drive. According to a criminal complaint, once Casdorph was in...
Tommy Pham and Randal Grichuck each hit a home run helping the Cardinals beat the Marlins, 5-2. Lance Lynn allowed one run and walked two in one inning of work, before leaving with a hip flexor strain. Cards plays the Red Sox this afternoon. Michael Wacha takes the hill for the...
A Guy Called 911 Because His Wife Stole His Cocaine It's pretty impressive to say ONE sentence that shows you need marriage counseling, drug counseling, AND legal counseling . . . but this guy did it. 39-year-old Robert Collins of Alliance, Ohio called 911 on Wednesday night to...
A Burglar Was Caught Because His Victim Slashed His Tires I feel like I would NOT be able to think this quickly if I came home and found a dude in my house stealing my stuff. Marti Wilson of St. Joseph, Missouri got home around 11:00 A.M. on Tuesday and saw a strange car in her...
eBay is packed with worthless junk, but this may be the best: Multiple people are selling sealed BAGS OF AIR from KANYE WEST concerts . . . and even crazier, there are idiots out there actually bidding on them. Prices have ranged from $1 to over $60,000. Not all of them are...
Four Ways Daylight Savings Can Affect Your Health If you're tired because we moved the clocks ahead, just hope it's the ONLY side-effect you have. Here are four ways daylight savings can affect your health. Sorry . . . happy Monday? 1. You're more likely to have a heart attack...