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Surveillance video released of moments leading up to Ferguson shooting Surveillance video released Tuesday shows the moments leading up to the officer-involved shooting of Tyrone Harris in Ferguson. The video, according to police, shows Harris grab a handgun out of his waistband...
Laptops, digital cameras taken from touring band's van when they stopped at local Steak 'n Shake A band had their equipment stolen while they were eating at a Steak ‘n Shake near Dogtown Monday night. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kingdom of Giants had their band...
An Old Woman Fights Off an Attacker By Squeezing His Testes This old woman fights dirty . . . and you've GOT to love it. A woman in her 80s was walking her dog in Cheltenham, England last week, when a guy in his late 20s or early 30s jumped out of the woods . . . screamed, "Get...
This band had their van broken into here in St. Louis and had a guy with them that was robbed of all his stuff. THIS SUCKS! Check out their page here to help this guy out. This has to stop and we can help.
We have three new details from JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX's wedding . . .JIMMY KIMMEL officiated, and HOWARD STERN gave a toast. Obviously they were among the few who knew this wasn't just a birthday party for Justin, since they had to prepare in advance. And not...
A Woman Peed and Didn't Flush, So Her Husband Used the Water for a Pregnancy Test . . . and It Came Back Positive A couple in Utah named Sam and Nia started getting big on YouTube last year after a video of them lip-synching "Love Is an Open Door" from "Frozen" in their car went...