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It's that time again and today we have Patrico's DAD reading the Freak of the week. Listen in and cast your vote! HERE ARE THE FREAKS!! 1. SIR 'CUL' - 22% of the vote 2. LADY "JENNY" DYKSTRA - 8% of the vote 3. PHYSI 'CAL' - ****WINNER**** 70% OF THE VOTE
A High School Principal Cancelled the Homecoming Dance . . . Because Kids Won't Stop Twerking If today's kids REALLY wanted to be rebellious, they would all dress nicely and not have sex with each other. But that memo hasn't made it to Vermont yet. Sue Maguire is the principal...
Defensive end Michael Sam is now a member of the Dallas practice squad. Sam recorded eleven tackles and two and-a-half sacks in the preseason for the Rams, but he was unable to earn a spot on a deep defensive line. The Rams are going with experience at left guard to start the...
JOAN RIVERS is out of intensive care . . . but still on life support. Her daughter MELISSA issued a brief statement yesterday saying, quote, "My mother has been moved into a private room where she is being kept comfortable. Thank you for your continued support." At least one...
Five Apps Like Tinder . . . But for Shoes, Music, Threesomes, and More There was a story in the news recently about a new smartphone app called BarkBuddy , that's like the dating app Tinder, but for DOGS. If you see a dog you like, you swipe right to look into adopting it...
Three Reasons You're in a Bad Mood This Morning Do you ever wake up in a bad mood, and you're not sure WHY? Here are three possible reasons, according to science. 1. You're not getting enough fruits and vegetables. A recent study found that people who eat seven servings of...
WILL RIZZ KNOW IT: LEAD SINGERS ((ANSWER SHEET)) Rizz has a CRAZY talent of knowing a ton of different lead singers of bands. Let’s put him to the test. You as the listener just have to predict whether Rizz will know the lead singer of the named band. Two out of three right and...
7 reasons why camping sucks 1. Finding the Right Camping Spot Seriously? How can this plot of dirt be any better than that one over there? After all, you are sleeping on the ground. Nothing about this is going to be comfortable. After spending a billion hours driving in the car...