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Ike Davis hit a two-run homer as the Pirates beat the Cardinals 3-1 in Pittsburgh. The Pirates allowed just a solo homer to Matt Holliday. The Cards went 2-and-4 on their road trip through Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Cards are off today before opening a seven-game homestand...
DRIVE-BY-WHORING #229 MELANIE Melanie we are comin for YOU for cheating on Alex's Birthday!
3% of Parents Would Lie to Get Their Kid Out of Jail . . . Plus Four More Ethical Dilemmas There's really no right or wrong answer when it comes to ethics . . . it's more about whether you can LIVE with yourself and SLEEP at night. That and not letting society crumble into...
57% of Americans Say Only Kids Who Win Should Get Trophies We've been in the "everybody gets a trophy so no one's feelings get hurt" era for a while now. But thankfully, it FINALLY looks like people are sick of it. A new survey asked Americans if they think only kids who WIN...
MISTER GARY is in the house and he's here to read your FREAKS OF THE WEEK! Listen below and make your picks for this weeks FREAK OF THE WEEK 1. LABOR DAVE 2. THE APOST-HOLE ***WINNER*** 80% OF THE VOTE!!! 3. SMELL GIBSON
A Brother and Sister Can't Resist Having Sex After Watching "The Notebook" If you've ever doubted the incredibly powerful effect "The Notebook" has on women, this should convince you . . . and also scar you forever. 20-year-old Christopher Buckner of Guyton, Georgia and her...
Couples Who Smoke Weed Together Are Less Likely to Fight We're not going to tell you to do something illegal . . . but if you and your husband or wife both happen to have glaucoma or some kind of serious bone disease, smoke your legal marijuana together right now. A new study...
This Halloween, Lionsgate is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the theatrical release of Saw by bringing it back to theaters nationwide for one week only! The film will open on Friday, October 31st, with select screenings beginning Thursday night, October 30th. All together,...
And Now, Three New Things to Worry About Here's some brand new stuff for you to worry about . . . 1. You can suffer from "sleep drunkenness." A new study has found that about one in seven of us suffer from something called "sleep drunkenness" . . . that's where you wake up but...