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A Very Dedicated Pervert Was Busted Hiding in a Sewer Drain to Take Upskirt Photos. I wish I was as passionate about ANYTHING as this guy is about sneaking photos up women's skirts. This story comes out of Japan . . . it basically HAD to, because not many other countries have...
Mom left baby in car while she gambled. VIA: A mother left her 7-month-old baby girl in the car while she visited a casino, according to the Alton Police Department. Officers say 28-year-old Timeka D. Coleman-Jones, of St. Ann, left her young child in the car while she...
Florida woman arrested for shoplifting at Walmart later found to have Xanax pills 'concealed in her buttocks' VIA: A Florida woman who was arrested on shoplifting charges was later found to have pills of Xanax hidden in her buttocks, police say. Ginger Cooper, 28...
Local vet said he was denied free meal at restaurants on Veterans Day. VIA: An Alton Navy veteran said he was denied a free meal on Veterans Day from Chili’s and O’Charley’s restaurants in Florissant. The veteran, who wanted his name to remain private, said he suffers...
The 10 Most and Least Pretentious Cities in America. How do you judge how PRETENTIOUS a city is? A website called Café Valet came up with a bunch of pretty good criteria . . . which, oddly enough, didn't include "number of people who'd read a website called Café Valet." They...
There's word going around the Internet that a male celebrity has been "outed" as HIV positive. Supposedly, he's known for at least two years, and he's dated several high profile women. No names have been revealed yet, but his conquests allegedly include, quote, "an award-winning...