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Brian Williams's break from Nightly News just got longer: NBC has suspended him for six months. He will be replaced by Lester Holt during the suspension, the network announced in a note to staff Tuesday. He won't be paid during the leave, and NBC's investigation into his conduct...
There's a Group Called "Hand Angels" That Gives Disabled People Sexual Favors his Taiwan-based group of volunteers helps people with severe physical disabilities serve the one need that many people take for granted. Because so many people who suffer from physical disabilities...
Check out this goat. He's got some ups but flying is a little out of reach... VIDEO
You're More Likely to Get Dumped Today Than Any Other Day of the Year Here's some advanced warning: If your boyfriend or girlfriend calls you today and says "We need to talk" . . . hang up the phone and start running. A new survey found you're more likely to get dumped TODAY...
"Hot Mugshot Guy" gets sentenced to 2 years in prison Jeremy Meeks, the California man whose mugshot became a sensation among Web users admiring his male-model good looks , has been sentenced to more than two years in prison on a gun charge, federal prosecutors said on Friday...
Three Weird Things That Can Help You Survive a Plane Crash The dash-cam video of that plane crash in Taiwan last week freaked a lot of people out. But relax . . . your chances of dying in a plane crash are about five million to one. And 96% of people in plane crashes actually...
A Guy Carrying a Huge Amount of Starbursts Was Robbed and Pistol Whipped This story would be a pretty straightforward robbery case . . . if it wasn't for the weird "elephant in the room" question. A guy was walking down the street in Bradenton, Florida around 8:40 P.M. on...
Did you miss the call that Moon made to the email scammer that was trying to "give us a debit card with $265.000 on it"? Check it out: Update: Listen to the next call HERE .