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There's a Rare Condition Where You Get Drunk Off French Fries The only way French fries could be any more perfect is if they ALSO got you drunk. So this guy's life sounds like heaven. 34-year-old Nick Hess of England suffers from a rare condition called auto-brewery syndrome. He...
A Man Gets Caught Flashing Women in Front of Babies 'R' Us . . . and Says He Was Trying to Snag a Girlfriend? Most guys have no idea what women want . . . but somehow find a woman willing to mate with them anyway. This guy's got NO chance. 48-year-old Hal Hamrick of Port St...
Only 2% of Us Will Use Our Tax Refund to Do Something Fun . . . 68% Will Pay Off Debt If you're getting a tax refund, will you spend it on something FUN you wouldn't do otherwise? According to a new poll . . . the answer is no. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling asked...
1. Nudey Giuliani 2. The Virgin Gary 3. Key and Feele ***WINNER*** Listen to their crazy Craigslist ads below and you decide!
City police say a man tried to avoid arrest by rolling in dog feces. Police on patrol in the area of Academy Street and Carey Avenue at about 5:50 p.m. Monday said they observed a man, later identified as Maurice Franklin, 45, of Wilkes-Barre, jump from the curb line in front of...
The Blues host the Flyers tonight at Scottrade. The team is looking to extend its winning streak to three after beating Toronto and Winnipeg in its last two games. The Blues are second in the Central Division with 89 points, two behind Nashville. Marco Gonzales allowed just one...
Sydney Leathers became infamous for the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal that hurt the politician’s 2013 New York City mayoral campaign , says the Hollywood Gossip . The porn star has created headlines again, this time for a cheating scandal involving another politician. Leathers...