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An unmanned rocket that was supposed to take supplies to the International Space Station EXPLODED right after lift-off last night in Virginia. It only got a few hundred feet off the ground before it happened. Then there was a much bigger explosion when it hit the ground...
Case Dismissed as Officer Wilson is a no show in court Five criminal cases have been dismissed because the primary witness — the cop who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri — didn't show up to court, prosecutors said Monday. Officer Darren Wilson "wasn't...
11 Bad Combinations of Household Products Most of us grew up hearing that you should never mix bleach and ammonia, and that's true. But there are lots of other common household products that should never come near each other. Buzzfeed has a good list to keep handy. 1. Bleach and...
Man behind lemon drop challenge gets busted for having sex with his 15-year-old A local teacher, father and familiar face to people across our area is under arrest tonight. William "Bill" Barber,38, started the viral "lemon shot challenge" to help his sick daughter, but now he's...
We have Annie and Taylor...Both very different kinds of girls....take a listen and you guess, based on their answers if they indeed SPIT or SWALLOW!
Police chase stolen 1956 Chevy in Washington MO A 1956 Chevy was stolen from a garage in Washington, Missouri around 4a.m. Monday morning. Police were involved in a chase around 6:15 a.m. The car crashed at Western and Dandelion and the driver fled the scene on foot. Police are...
Sources say KANYE WEST was offered a three-week residency in Las Vegas that would have made him the city's highest-paid performer. He would have done nine shows for $4.5 million, or $500,000 per show. He turned it down. JENNIFER LAWRENCE and CHRIS MARTIN have CONSCIOUSLY...
A woman arrested for drug possession in Duncan, Oklahoma claims that it is her religious right as a Wiccan to possess and consume methamphetamine. According to the Duncan Banner , Lori Potarf and her companion Richard Lee Henderson were stopped on U.S. Highway 81 last Thursday...