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Florida teen smashes coffee pot on mom’s head after she’s caught with a boy. VIA: A Florida teen got angry when her mother told her not to have any uninvited guests in their home, so the teen smashed a glass coffee pot filled with “steaming hot” coffee on her...
A Woman Was at Work When She Found Out She Won the Lottery, and Immediately Quit. You ALWAYS hear about people who win the lottery and then stay at their jobs . . . so they can keep on being nice, normal people who don't rock the boat. So THIS is kind of refreshing . . . A 50-...
The Average American Smiles 20 Times a Day, Picks Their Nose Four Times, and Swears 80 Times. Apparently we're a country of foul-mouthed, nose picking, gas ripping perverts. God bless America. "Wired" magazine just did a statistical breakdown on the average American's day. Here...
DANNY PINTAURO from "Who's the Boss" just revealed last week that he has HIV. Now he's giving more details about HOW he got it, and it's worth listening to. He says, quote, "Believe it or not, with this guy I was actually safe. We did use condoms . . . I got it another way,...
The Houston Astros are moving on to the ALDS. Houston captured a 3-0 win over the Yankees in the AL Wild Card game last night in New York. The Astros will face the Royals on Thursday. Colby Rasmus and Carlos Gomez each hit solo homers. New York struck out 10 times and had only...
You're happiest in your 20's, 70's... Most Miserable? VIA: Do you reminisce about your 20s, and wonder how you POSSIBLY had any worries back then? Because life was so wonderful and easy? Don't worry, you'll find that happiness again . . . once you're really, really old...