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A TV Station Accidentally Tweeted a Link to Porn Instead of the Weather We've all done it . . . you copy and paste some text, but for whatever reason wind up pasting the wrong thing. Usually it's just a three-second inconvenience though . . . not a national embarrassment. WREG...
JENNIFER LAWRENCE says she has nothing to be sorry for when it comes to those nude photos of her that were stolen and posted online. She says they were for her then-boyfriend NICHOLAS HOULT . . . quote, "It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or...
Three Facts About Flying That'll Freak You Out If you're already afraid of flying, prepare to be MORE afraid. Because according to a former commercial pilot, here are three things most pilots won't tell you . . . because they KNOW you'll freak out. 1. They take naps, even though...
FOOD NEWS: Crispy M&M's returning to shelves after 9-year absence Another beloved junk food from the early 2000s is poised to make a comeback. Hot on the heels of the resurgence of Surge, Mars has announced the return of Crispy M&M’s for the first time in a decade. The...
MAN HAS 2 PINTS OF BLOOD DRAWN FROM ERECT PENIS The first time you saw a Cialis commercial and heard, "For erections lasting over four hours, call your doctor," you probably laughed . . . and said, "If I have an erection for four hours, I'm calling EVERYBODY!" This story will...
It's simple, we pulled some updates and you have to tell us who posted it, a GUY or a GIRL? Listen in and see how you do:
BLAKE LIVELY and RYAN REYNOLDS are going to be parents. Blake announced it on her annoying website "Preserve." There's no word how far along Blake is, but a source says she's, quote, "safely out of her first trimester." AMANDA BYNES reportedly told "In Touch" magazine that she's...
Sometimes, good detective work and weeks of investigation are needed to nab suspected criminals. But other times all investigators need is 30 minutes to listen in on an accidental pocket dial to a 911 dispatch center. That's the reason 55-year-old Donna Knope, 32-year-old Jason...