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Man walks down the street with a pot plant...for an awesome reason A 20-year-old Gainesville man was arrested Saturday night after police spotted him on the street holding a cannabis plant in a red Solo cup. When Keith Lenard Sheppard saw a police vehicle pull up he quickly...
We asked Mr. ShattDeuces all about recieving the news that he was an ALL STAR and asked his take on the use of ButtWipes for cleaning a man's b-hole
A Woman Chops Off Her Cheating Husband's Junk . . . Twice It's crazy to say this, but in 2015, a woman chopping off her husband's junk isn't INSANE news like it was with LORENA BOBBITT back in the '90s. We've seen countless penis choppings since then. But we've never seen THIS...
10 surprising places to pick up beautiful women that you might have overlooked The DMV Some say there is no place on earth more frustrating than the DMV -- which makes it the perfect place to win over the heart of any hottie. Your common frustration over the endless incompetence...
David Backes and Vladimir Tarasenko each scored a goal and an assist each as the Blues doubled up the Oilers 4-2 at Scottrade. Jaden Schwartz and Alexander Steen also scored for the Blues, who have won five in-a-row. The Blues host the Red Wings tomorrow night. Rams defensive...
St Charles Mom was banging her son's 12 year old friend! A St. Charles City woman is accused of sexually abusing a 12-year old friend of her own child. 30-year old Nicole Marie Smith was charged Tuesday with Statutory Rape and Statutory Sodomy. A probable cause statement issued...
Guys . . . would you want to be with a woman who doesn't shower every day? What if that woman was NAYA RIVERA from "Glee" ? Because she does NOT bathe daily. She said, quote, "I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics. I feel like showering more than once a day or...