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Listen in and see how you do when we ask 2 girls questions and based on their answers guess if they "spit or swallow..."
An Oklahoma woman wasn't satisfied with the purity of her methamphetamine, so she decided to do something about it. Unfortunately for Lynette Rae Sampson, the course of action she chose ended up leaving her with felony drug charges. The 54-year-old allegedly called police...
After a day off, the Cardinals return to the field tonight for the first of a three-game series with the Padres from Petco Park. Lance Lynn gets the start tonight with the first pitch at 9:10. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter now sits alone in seventh place on the all-time...
LOCAL: WOMAN USES DEAD RELATIVE FOR FAKE CHARITY SCAM A charity operating in the Kansas City area claims to help cancer patients and their families with medical and personal expenses but state records show they should not be in business. "It's a fraud in my son's name. They are...
FOOD NEWS: HOOTERS DOING ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS TODAY In honor of National Chicken Wing Day, (yep it's real) Hooters has issued a challenge to chicken wing aficionados across the nation to collectively eat two million wings in one day. In full support of this saucy dare, Hooters...
ANOTHER F***ING LIST: NINE SOUNDS YOU'LL PROBABLY NEVER HEAR AGAIN We found a list online of sounds you'll probably never hear again, and some are pretty recent . . . although the sound of a modem connecting DOES feel like it was 100 years ago. Anyway, here are nine sounds that...
SCARLETT JOHANSSON beat THE ROCK at the box office this weekend, by a pretty wide margin. "Lucy" did better-than-expected at $44 million, compared to just $29 million for "Hercules". It's even more impressive when you consider the budget for the two movies: "Lucy" cost an...