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Five New Stats on Going Number Two It's time for some of that sophisticated, high brow content we're famous for. Wait . . . never mind, it's actually a survey about American pooping habits. A veritable avalanche of poop stats. Runny, clumpy poop stats. A website called...
Double-homicide suspect on the run, may be trying to spread AIDS A homicide suspect accused of killing two family members and wounding two police officers in Oklahoma appears to be using Facebook while he's on the run, authorities said Monday. Fugitive Michael Vance has been on...
Police in Jersey Figured Out Why a Woman Was Throwing Poop Out Her Windows The people of New Jersey can sleep a little more soundly tonight, knowing that the cops have finally closed the books on a major case that threatened to tear apart the very fabric of society. Specifically...
1. Gender Reversal 2. Koala and a tree 3. Disney Prince & Princess 4. Winnie and the Pooh with Christopher Robin or Piglet 5. Dia de los Muertos 6. Barbie and Ken 7. V-J Day Kissing Sailor 8. Kim & Kanye
A Guy Hits His Mom With a Hockey Stick Because Her Debit Card Got Declined at Taco Bell If this idiot just had like $3 he could've avoided becoming a FELON. A 22-year-old guy named Logan Badgley from Lakeland, Tennessee really wanted Taco Bell on Saturday night . . . but he didn...
Suspect wearing mask fatally shot by officers after pointing gun A suspect was shot and killed by an officer following a police pursuit that ended in a crash Monday night. St. Louis County police said around 2 a.m. Monday a Mercedes was carjacked in Affton. Then, around 10 p.m...
The Blues begin a three-game homestand tonight against the Flames. St. Louis finished a three-game road trip with a 6-4 win at Calgary on Saturday. The Blues lost the first two at Vancouver and Edmonton but lead the Central Division with nine points, two ahead of Minnesota and...
PETE BURNS passed away on Sunday. He was just 57. He was the singer of DEAD OR ALIVE , the one-hit wonder who did "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" . His manager said he died from a massive cardiac arrest. Quote, "All of his family and friends are devastated . . . he was a...