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Nursing home worker admits to fondling 93-year-old woman 100 times. VIA: A Jefferson County nursing home worker is accused of fondling a 92-year-old woman’s bare breast about 100 times. Robert Leensvaart, 36, is charged with first degree sexual abuse. The victim is...
Cedar Rapids police find man with meth lab in pants. VIA: Cedar Rapids police encountered a walking meth lab Monday night. Public safety spokesman Greg Buelow said officers responded to the area of Ninth Avenue and Eighth Street at 11:50 p.m. for a report of a...
Have You Been Drinking? Miller Parent Says Budweiser Offer Too Low. VIA: Any talk of a union between Budweiser and Miller — in fact, any talk of the creation of beer behemoth reaching all parts of the globe for that matter — should be put off for now as the owners of...
Five Dumb Things People Do After They Win the Lottery. A 50-year-old woman in Michigan just hit the Powerball jackpot for $310 million, and IMMEDIATELY quit her job. So we're sure SHE'LL be smart with her money . . . but most lottery winners aren't. Here are five dumb things...
Steve-O is going to jail for 30 days. The reality star and daredevil is being sentenced for a stunt he pulled over the Hollywood Hills, where he climbed a 100 foot crane with an inflatable whale to protest the treatment of whales in captivity at Sea World. Steve-O announced his...