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America's Most Popular Sandwich is Turkey . . . Peanut Butter and Jelly Got Surprisingly Little Love If you asked people 30 years ago what sandwich they ate most . . . 99% would've said peanut butter and jelly. But now, between paranoia over peanut allergies and our laziness to...
Where You Sit in a Restaurant Affects How Much You Eat According to a recent study out of Cornell, where you sit in a restaurant can actually affect how much you EAT. Researchers observed people at 27 different restaurants across the country. Here are four things that can...
BRAD PITT is a big fan of GUNS. He says that his father had instilled in him a, quote, "profound and deep respect for the weapon." He got his first gun in kindergarten, and has had one ever since. He adds, quote, "I feel better having a gun. I don't feel the house is completely...
Five Phrases That Can Get You Kicked Off an Airplane Last Wednesday, a guy in Philadelphia got kicked off a plane by people in hazmat suits . . . after he said he'd been to Africa and had EBOLA. It turned out he wasn't sick and HADN'T been to Africa. But here are five MORE...
Las Vegas-based entreprenuer Jon Schultz paid $13,500 for the rights to back in 2008. Now he hopes to make a killing off the disease's domain and figures his asking price is more than reasonable. “According to our site meter, we’re already doing 5,000 page views per...
Detroit man sells house to get an iPhone 6 One homeowner is resorting to bartering for the latest iPhone as a tactic to sell a beleaguered property in Detroit. The owner has dropped the asking price on a three-bedroom home in east Detroit from $5,000 to a new iPhone 6 as the...
Dwarf handed colouring book and crayons by waitress while on a date with fiancee James Lusted, 26, who is 3ft 7ins, was on a romantic meal with 5ft 7ins-tall Chloe Roberts, 20, at a Harvester Inn when the blunder happened A dwarf took his fiancee to a restaurant for a romantic...