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A video has gone viral of a woman in Canada who missed a ferry to Vancouver on New Year's Eve is all over Facebook right now . . . because she missed the boat by five minutes, and had a complete MELTDOWN. Apparently she was angry because the ferry hadn't left yet. But she missed...
Listen to Mr. Patrico give you the competitors for this week: CLEAN HACKMAN: 3RD PLACE "Well, It's official, my fat white bitch of a wife left me. She said that it wasn't me, it was her, but we've all seen Seinfeld. We know what that means. Here is what I am taking to CraigsList...
The Pro Bowl teams are set. Alumni captains Cris Carter and Michael Irvin helped choose sides last night. Rams defensive end Robert Quinn and defensive lineman Aaron Donald are both on Team Irvin. The Pro Bowl is this Sunday in Glendale, Arizona. The Rams' search for a new...
A woman who left her 1-year-old child sitting alone at a Boynton Beach bar was arrested Sunday, police said. Concerned customers at Banana Boat Lounge and Restaurant, at 739 E. Ocean Ave., told police a woman, later identified as Ashton Krauss, 28, of Ocean Ridge, went to an...
We can all agree things like football and hockey and tennis are sports. We MIGHT even agree that things like golf and auto racing are sports. But what happens when we get into things that blur the lines even more? Harris Interactive just released the results of a poll where they...
Hot Christian Blogger will no longer wear yoga pants There’s a 25 yr-old blogger named Veronica Partridge – who has been getting a lot of attention for a blog post earlier this month in which she vows to no longer wear leggings in public because of her religious beliefs. The...
Check out Drive By Whoring #245 - Listen to The Rizz Show light up CAROL, the two-timing hooker.
Justin Bieber ASKED to be skewered by Comedy Central because he wants to make a public declaration he's screwed up a lot in the past, but he's figured it out and has changed for the better. Justin himself asked to be roasted to celebrate his 21st birthday. We're told he views it...