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DAVID LETTERMAN signed off for good last night with a show that was heavy on clips from his last 30-odd years on TV. But one of the highlights was an all-star list of the "Top 10 Things I've Always Wanted to Say to Dave". It was delivered by, in this order, Alec Baldwin, Barbara...
A Guy Attacks His Cousin For the Way She Was Cooking Hard Boiled Eggs Would you FIGHT someone if they made hard boiled eggs using a different technique than you do? 99.9% of people would say no. This guy says yes. 23-year-old Cory Lee Shinkman of St. Petersburg, Florida was in...
KFC Is Bringing Back Colonel Sanders People made fun of McDonald's for bringing back the Hamburglar as a middle-aged dad with skinny jeans. So how will they react to THIS? KFC just announced they're bringing back Colonel Sanders. He'll be in their new TV commercials starting...
The Top 10 Things About Women That Baffle Men A new survey found the top things about women that BAFFLE men. And you'll be happy to know . . . everything stand-up comedians joked about in 1992 still hold true today. Apparently the big clichés are still going strong. Here are the...
Here's A Woman Who Has Sex With A Tree According to " Closer " magazine, a 31-year-old woman wants to marry a tree she calls "Tim" because the sex she has with it is the best she has ever had.Emma McCabe told the magazine she was sick of getting her heart broken, so she decided...
A Naked Woman Ran Through Traffic, Fondled Herself, and Jumped on a Lexus How is it that in 2015, when there's a naked woman running through traffic, NO ONE pulled out their phone and took a picture? Come on, people. If your breakfast is worthy of a photo, so is a crazy naked...