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The Healthiest and Least Healthy Candies You'll Steal From Your Kids Around 9:00 tonight, you'll tell your kids they can have two pieces of candy and then go to bed. Then, once they're gone, you're going to raid the HELL out of their trick-or-treating bag. The website...
Alexander Steen and Ryan Reaves scored and combined with 24 saves from Jake Allen the Blues blanked the Ducks 2-0 at Scottrade Center. It was the third straight win for the Blues. The team hosts Colorado tomorrow. The Rams get their first look at the new Levi's Stadium on Sunday...
Guy handling out cash to kids Someone is apparently giving away free cash to kids, but police say it's not a case of unexpected kindness. On Monday, Alton, Illinois, police say a man in a sliver sedan handed cash to multiple kids in the Oakwood Estates neighborhood. They say he...
From YahooFinance 1. There's a $1,000 fine for using or selling Silly String in Hollywood on Halloween. The prank product has been banned in Hollywood since 2004 after thousands of bored people would buy it on the streets of Hollywood from illegal vendors and "vandalize" the...
Five Random Facts About Halloween Here are some random facts about Halloween . . . 1. The final numbers are in, and the costume that got the most searches in the U.S., U.K., and Australia was . . . "Frozen" costumes. Zombie came in second, followed by ninja, pirate, and clown. 2...
School Janitor jerks off on roof, stares into neighborhood apartment A janitor at a middle school in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York was caught on the roof of the school masturbating to the view of a neighboring building where women were getting dressed in the morning...
We have a few items for sale. Guess the closest to the sale price without going over and you WIN! Our first item is an old school baseball mit that MAY be signed by Johnny Bench Our second item up is a used and currently broken tanning bed and for our final item we have a size...
1. Urethra Franklin - 2. Lady CaCa - PLAYOFF ***WINNER*** 3. UpChuck Norris - 4. Deadty White -