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Oregon Man Accused of Intentionally Running Over and Killing Bald Eagles Authorities have charged an Oregon man with using a motorized vehicle to harass or molest game after he allegedly accelerated through a group of bald eagles in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, killing two. “Somebody...
A Guy Tries To Help Someone Trapped Under a Lawnmower…But Makes Things Way Worse and Gets Arrested Here's a strange case of someone who WANTED to be a good Samaritan, but was REALLY bad at it. 31-year-old Christopher Ratcliffe was at a gas station in Genesee Falls, New York last...
Let Your Meat Rest For 10 Minutes After Grilling We know, everybody’s hungry, but resist the temptation to cut into grilled animal protein right away — all of the meat’s juices will flow right out, leaving you with a less-than-succulent steak. Letting your beef, pork, chicken or...
Monday's #HeadlineHooshe: Man busted trying to have sex with a horse for the THIRD time!**WINNER** When a guy who has twice been arrested in some part of the process of having sex with a horse gets arrested for the same thing a third time , we feel obligated to warn Texas that a...
NBC has confirmed that BRIAN WILLIAMS will not return to the "Nightly News" . . . and that LESTER HOLTwill continue in his place as the new permanent host. But Brian's demotion is even rougher than that. He's being banished to MSNBC where he'll serve as an anchor of breaking...
AT&T Fined $100M by FCC For Slowing Customers' Data Speeds The Federal Communications Commission slapped AT&T with a $100 million fine Wednesday, accusing the country's second-largest cellular carrier of improperly slowing down Internet speeds for customers who had...