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Man putting needles in meats must stay in jail The Belleville man facing federal charges of putting needles in packages of supermarket meat will not be going free until trial, a federal judge ruled Thursday. U.S. District Judge David Herndon said there is no combination of...
Adam Wainwright tossed a complete-game shutout to lead the Cardinals to a 2-0 win against the Brewers. Wainwright earned his 19th victory. The Cards are still two-and-half games ahead of Pittsburgh for first place in the NL Central. The two teams play the finale of their three-...
Sources say AVRIL LAVIGNE and CHAD KROEGER are on the verge of divorce. They met while working on Avril's 2013 album together, but apparently, they're not as attracted to each other now that they're not in "work mode" anymore. Chad is reportedly telling people it's over. The...
The average person spends $65,000 on diets in their life...and rarely succeeds There's ALWAYS a new diet to try . . . eating like a caveman, only drinking juice for a month, having a patch sewn onto your tongue so it hurts to eat, whatever. And they pretty much ALWAYS fail. A...
Three new weight loss tricks... With all the diet books out there, you'd think they'd have run out of weight loss tricks by now. But somehow they keep churning them out. Here are three new ones we'd never heard before. 1. Serve dinner from the stove. As opposed to putting...
A guy attacked a woman because she took too long ordering at Taco Bell...and he missed the breakfast menu There's nothing worse than JUST missing the cutoff for breakfast at a fast food place. But THIS is INSANE. On Sunday, a couple driving an SUV went to a Taco Bell drive-thru...
Call it a slow-speed chase. Police caught up with a woman who rode away from a Michigan Walmart with the store's motorized wheelchair — and $600 worth of stolen merchandise, authorities said. Shirley Mason, 46, was located riding away with her loot two miles from Walmart in...