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The Cardinals are avoiding arbitration with pitcher Lance Lynn by agreeing to a three-year contract. The deal is worth 22-million-dollars. Lynn went 15-and-10 with a career-low 2.74 ERA last season. Pavel Datsyuk scored with 2.2-seconds left in overtime to lift the Red Wings to...
Four Guys Pranked the Cops, by Telling Them There Was "Coke" in Their Car Four guys in Venice Beach, California recently pranked two cops . . . by confessing that they had a bunch of COKE in the back of their SUV. Then when the cops checked it . . . it was just cans of COCA-COLA...
Papa John's delivery driver who was robbed could be fired After being robbed of $50 at gunpoint after a delivery Monday night, a Papa John's delivery driver's job is in jeopardy over the same amount of money. Ron Granberg, 22, was approached by two armed men outside of a Benton...
LOCAL Bus Driver Bangs A Student A school bus driver is charged with statutory rape, after police say he had sex with a student. It happened in University City, but involves a St. Louis Public Schools student. According to St. Louis County court documents, 38-year-old Charles...
Burton reads random stuff to Patrico while he is in isolation. Can Patrico 'Read Buron's Lips?'
Kids have to learn about the dangers of sexting somehow. They might as well learn from YouTube, right? A British children's charity has unveiled a new animated video that aims to educate kids about the dangers of sending sexts. It's called "I Saw Your Willy" and depicts the...
Swedish children’s TV dancing genitals cartoon sparks parental outcry Parents complain about cartoon video for children’s channel Barnkanalen showing penises and vaginas smiling and dancing The one-minute clip for Barnkanalen – Sweden’s equivalent of CBeebies – shows cartoon...