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This rookie got caught looking. Eager to do well, Braeden Ward reported to the Detroit Tigers on Monday to work his first day as a bat boy. It didn't take long for the college freshman to fall prey to a clubhouse prank that's been around forever. "They asked me to get the key to...
According to a new survey, the average March Madness fan will spend $211 watching the tournament this month. That includes everything from beer to how much you spend on your bracket. Here are four more stats from the survey: 1. 21% of us have watched a game at work . . . 11%...
Stepson of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce arrested for heroin possession A stepson of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce was arrested Wednesday in St. Louis for trespassing and heroin possession. The man, 32, was arrested about 12:40 p.m. at Barnes-Jewish...
Remember the simple days when your idea of a good time was watching "Dawson's Creek" and decorating your binder? Buzzfeed has this list of things that'll make you feel nostalgic if you went to highschool in the late '90s. Check out the list here , and see how many you check off!
This one is bizarre, even by Katt Williams ' standards -- an actress is accusing the comedian of organizing a beatdown on her that included Wiccan sorcery. Jamila Majesty says the brutal incident went down at Katt's Malibu's home almost 2 years ago. She says he invited her over...
The Blues make the fourth stop on a five-game road trip tomorrow night in Vancouver. They have lost back-to-back games at Calgary and Edmonton on the heels of a six-game winning streak. The Blues are second in the Central Division with 91 points. Cardinals GM John Mozeliak says...
Obviously most people order beer on St. Patrick's Day. But here are five other drinks you can order at most bars. Or if you're having people over, they're easy enough to make at home... 1. An Irish Mule . It's like a Moscow Mule, but with Irish whiskey instead of vodka, and...