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Here is that sweet BULLS ON PARADE cover Patrico was talking about from the rockin Orchestra. Check it out HERE
Hector Gomez singled in the go-ahead run in the top of the 12th inning to lift the Brewers past the Cardinals 3-2 in the opener of a three-game series at Busch Stadium. The Cards are now two-and-a-half up on Pittsburgh in the division. The Cardinals and Brewers continue their...
BATMAN and SPIDERMAN GET IN FIGHT WITH TOURIST Times Square became a superhero battleground when a pair of costumed “crime fighters” traded punches with an angry passer-by — and Spider-Man even slung a web in self-defense. José Escalona-Martinez, 41, was dressed as the vigilante...
We've already heard that JOAN RIVERS' doctor may have performed an unauthorized biopsy that ultimately killed her. But here's something we DIDN'T know. According to CNN, before did the operation, he TOOK A SELFIE with her while she was under the gas. A doctor named Lawrence...
FOOD NEWS: 2400 donuts! Krispy Kreme is introducing a new 2,400-count box of donuts for special occasions. Those special occasions include a mass suicide, the world’s largest Big Brother viewing party and a funeral for the first guy who attempts to eat the entire box. Sadly for...
A Vet Performed a Life-Saving Operation on a Goldfish We do a LOT for our pets. But do FISH count? Last week, a couple in Melbourne, Australia noticed their pet goldfish George was having trouble breathing. And their other fish were picking on him. Now, George is ten years old...
Cops respond to a domestic disturbance call...but it's just a couple having rough sex If you think your neighbors are physically harming each other, it's your duty to call the cops. Even if it turns out the only thing your neighbors are smacking around are their steaming, hungry...
CAR WITH 91-YEAR-OLD WOMAN INSIDE STOLEN FROM HEALTH CENTER Police were still looking Monday for a car stolen over the weekend while a 91-year-old was inside and for the woman who took it. The thief pulled away from St. Mary’s Health Center late Saturday afternoon in the 2013...