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1. Urethra Franklin - 2. Lady CaCa - PLAYOFF ***WINNER*** 3. UpChuck Norris - 4. Deadty White -
A Montana man allegedly pulled out a knife on his hunting partner when the friend turned down his drunken sexual advances after a day of hunting and drinking together, according to police. Robert Dale Saunders, 31, was charged with felony assault with a weapon Monday. Saunders...
Each and every Wednesday we'll have Kevin Shattenkirk of the St Louis Blues "Talkin' Shat" with us. If you have a perfect question you've been dying to ask hit us up ! Here is yesterday's "Talking Shat"
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County Cops are stock piling riot gear The St. Louis County Police Department has stocked up on tear gas, less-lethal ammunition and plastic handcuffs in anticipation of massive protests in the suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, if a grand jury doesn't indict the police officer who...
For years, America's favorite sitcom dad, Bill Cosby, has managed to suppress multiple rape allegations through out-of-court settlements. But one victim, who was 17 at the time Cosby allegedly met her, has spoken out to The Daily Mail about the comedian's creepy come-ons, which...
Four Things to Hand Out on Halloween Instead of Candy Handing out something other than candy is a good way to get EGGED on Halloween. But if you're going to do it, it doesn't HAVE to be something lame like apples or boxes of raisins. Here are four other things you can supposedly...
A Guy Dressed as a Teletubby Breaks Into a Friend's House, Steals Chinese Food, and Puts It in His Man Purse Everyone has a breaking point when they finally say, "What the hell am I doing with my life?" I sincerely hope THIS guy has that moment when he reflects on his choices...