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Mexico City's New Double-Decker Buses Don't Fit Everywhere Mexico City bus drivers have discovered the hard way that their new double-decker buses don't fit everywhere in the city. A driver damaged the top of his bus by driving it into a station whose roof was too low to clear...
Man accused of hitting daughter in the face with pool noodle A man was arrested after allegedly hitting his daughter in the face with a pool noodle, according to the Floyd County Sheriff's Office. Mclin Wilson was placed under arrest for battery family violence and cruelty to...
South Carolina Is Bracing For the Lizard Man to Come Out During the Solar Eclipse Is South Carolina built on a hellmouth? I'm not sure how else to explain the way it's preparing for the solar eclipse later this month. Earlier this week, the cops in Greenville, South Carolina...
Two children dead after SUV flips near Stan Musial Bridge Two children died Thursday night after a rollover crash near the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge in downtown. According to a spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the accident happened just...
Here Are the Ideal Times to Wake Up, Eat Breakfast, Have a Drink, and Have Sex . . . According to "Active" People A new survey asked 1,000 people with ACTIVE lifestyles to come up with their ideal times to do stuff each day . . . like wake up, eat breakfast, and have sex...
TAYLOR SWIFT took the witness stand yesterday to tell a jury how a former DJ groped her backside during a meet-and-greet. David Mueller denies it, and he's suing Taylor because he got FIRED after she told his bosses. Taylor is counter-suing for sexual harassment. She said, quote...
Roseanne Barr CHECK IT OUT HERE Harper Gruzins CHECK IT OUT HERE Hillary Clinton CHECK IT OUT HERE
Is This The Worst National Anthem Ever? Video of a woman butchering the national anthem has gone viral. She's completely off key, bungles the lyrics, has no sense of timing . . . and even sounds drunk. This was at a Demolition Derby at the Summit County Fair in Utah. Tons of...
Even though the Rally Cat may be missing somewhere in the downtown St. Louis area…his luck is still sitting inside of Busch Stadium. Dexter Fowler hit a Grand Slam in the 7th as the Cardinals picked up their 6th straight win beating the Royals 8-6. The Cards are now just one...