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via A Texas police officer who helped save three children from a burning building this week – catching them as they jumped to safety – tells PEOPLE it's all just part of the job. "It feels a little weird because to me I'm thinking, 'Well I don't think it was that big...
A Man Is Arrested For Drunk Driving After He Vomits in the Burger King Drive-Thru Lane If someone vomits AFTER they eat at Burger King, yeah, that's not news. But vomiting BEFORE you eat it? Well now I'm listening. A 32-year-old guy named David Frieko from Clermont, Florida was...
Legendary producer and director GARRY MARSHALL died yesterday of complications from pneumonia. He had also recently suffered a stroke. He was 81. He started out as a writer on the Dick Van Dyke Show. Then created shows like Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy and the...
How Many Nights of Bad Sleep Does It Take Before Caffeine Stops Working? Everyone has a bad night of sleep once in a while . . . that's why caffeine was invented. But how long can you get away with substituting "coffee" for "sleep" and get away with it? A new study found that...
The Cardinals and Padres will play a day-night doubleheader after last night's game at Busch was postponed. It was called with storms and lightning in the area. Carlos Martinez pitches the opener for St. Louis, while Jaime Garcia goes in the nightcap. After last night's rainout...
A Swinger Is Upset When a Couple Doesn't Want to Get-It-On With Him Anymore . . . So He Shoots at Them There's a 45-year-old guy in Palm Coast, Florida named Scott Hurley, and he and his wife are SWINGERS. They recently had a good swinging relationship with another couple, but...