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Travis Pastrana stopped by today to chat about Nitro Circus Live tonight at the Scottrade Center. Tickets are still available. Go to to get them now. Listen below. VIDEO COMING LATER TODAY! Check it Out: Photos of Travis Pastrana in the studio with the Rizzuto...
If you’d like to be grossed out, just Google “food reconditioning,” or don’t, because it’s gross. But we’ll explain it to you anyway. Basically, food companies need to keep their costs as low as possible, so occasionally when food is imperfect or expired, it’ll get sent back to...
Some of us tried really hard to stop her, but the rest of you either did nothing or, worse yet, you bought in. And now it has officially happened: TAYLOR SWIFT controls the universe. Her latest victory? Topping "Maxim" magazine's Hot 100 list . . . after not even making the list...
A Guy Blows Off Steam by Crashing His Truck Through His Own House A guy named John Jones Jr. was at his house outside Atlanta on Thursday, arguing with his wife on the phone. (We don't know his age, but he looks like he's in his mid-30's.) It's not clear what the fight was about...
Eric Campbell scored on John Mayberry Jr.'s infield single in the bottom of the 14th to give the Mets a 2-1 win over the Cardinals in New York. Jason Heyward's sac-fly plated the tying run in the ninth for the Cardinals. The Cards continue their four-game series with the Mets...
President Obama Finally Got His Own Twitter Account . . . and Hundreds of People Asked Him For Sex President Obama has had a Twitter account for years, but it was run by the White House. Yesterday he finally broke free and got his own personal account, @POTUS . That stands for...