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Typo in state law may clear some Missouri drunk drivers of charges Via news channel 10 Some Missouri drunk drivers could be cleared of their charges thanks to a loophole that state legislators failed to fix. Prosecutors say some DUI cases are in jeopardy. The loophole centers...
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE has been idle for five years. But on Tuesday, their Twitter account posted a link to a site called , along with the hashtag "Take the Power Back". At the website, there's a clock counting down to May 31st. There are also posters...
The Blues and Sharks resume the Western Conference finals tonight with Game Three in San Jose. Faceoff is at 8 p.m. The teams split the first two games in St. Louis. San Jose also hosts Game Four on Saturday. The Pittsburgh Penguins are two wins away from advancing to the...
Walmart Theft Suspect Told Cops She Was "Too Lazy" To Pay For Stolen Sex Toys via the smoking gun A Walmart shopper arrested Saturday night for stealing a sex toy, lubricant, and a “vibrating penis ring” told police that she was “too lazy” to pay for the items, which she had...
Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit via bloomberg tech Twitter Inc. is making a major shift in how it counts characters in Tweets, giving users more freedom to compose longer messages. The social media company will soon stop counting photos and links...
10 Stupid Inventions The Made Millions 1 . Pet Rock 2. Silly Putty 3. ThighMaster 4. Pocket Fisherman 5. Furby 6. BeDazzler 7. Shake Weight 8. Hula Chair 9. Flowbee 10. Snuggie
Startup wants to put self-driving big rigs on US highways via ap Picture an 18-wheel truck barreling down the highway with 80,000 pounds of cargo and no one but a robot at the wheel. To many, that might seem a frightening idea, even at a time when a few dozen of Google's...