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BEN AFFLECK's new movie must be a lot more exciting than the title makes it sound . . . because "The Accountant" opened at the top of the box office this weekend, with $24.7 million. "Kevin Hart: What Now?" finished second with $12 million. The new episode of "Family Guy" last...
Grunting Doesn't Help You Poop . . . It Makes Things More Difficult When you're sitting on the toilet, do you GRUNT as loudly as possible to get things moving? Well . . . you can quiet down. According to a gastroenterologist at Aarhus University in Denmark, grunting does NOT...
The Blues begin a three-game Canadian road trip tomorrow. First, they skate against the Canucks in Vancouver. They also play at Edmonton on Thursday and Calgary on Saturday before returning home. The Blues have won all three of their games thus far, over the Blackhawks, Wild and...
Comedian, writer, and actor, Brian Posehn stopped by on Friday to chat with us before his stand-up shows at the Helium Comedy Club in St. Louis. Brian Posehn is doing two shows on Friday (October 14) and Saturday (October 15). Get details at CHECK IT...
Check out the results from Week 2 of a brand new round of Real or Fake competition. Brought to you by Patricia's - Where fun and fantasy meet and Country Rock Cabaret - the newest “Adult” Party Club in Sauget, Illinois! Here are the boobies in question: Entry 1 RIZZ – REAL...
The 10 Best Cities for Foodies 1. Orlando, FL 2. Portland, OR 3. Miami, FL 4. Tampa, FL 5. San Francisco, CA 6. Cincinati, OH 7. St. Louis, MO 8. Salt Lake City, UT 9. Richmond, VA 10. Seattle, WA
The ‘Clown Lives Matter’ March Is Cancelled The ‘Clown Lives Matter’ march scheduled for Saturday in Tucson, Az. has been cancelled after the event’s organizer said the event received death threats and online harassment. The march was planned to counter the rise of clown terror...
Woman riding mattress on top of van A woman riding on a mattress on top of a van in Prince William County fell off the vehicle to her death Friday, police said. An investigation revealed that 20-year-old Sidney Zelaya Gonzalez of Culpeper was riding on an unsecured mattress on...