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If BILL COSBY didn't do what all those women say he did, then this is tragic . . . because his career is seriously unraveling. Of course, if he did it, then he's getting exactly what he deserves. NBC has decided not to move forward with a new sitcom that Bill was going to star...
Colorado Springs police arrested two men who were shooting bottles in a basement on Saturday. Christian Clark, 28, and Codie Leslie, 23, are charged with prohibited use of weapons and reckless endangerment, according to police. Police responded to a report of gunshots inside a...
The Blues are back on the ice tonight as they take on the Canadiens up in Montreal. The Blues are coming off of a loss to the Bruins in Boston. Before that loss, the team had won three in a row and had won 9 of their last 10 games. Tonight, the puck drops at 6:30PM on Fox Sports...
Reverend Jarrett Maupin talks about Shanesha Taylor squandering Internet donations for her kids A mother who won public sympathy - and donations of more than $114,000 - after claiming that she had no option but to leave her two little boys in a sweltering car so she could attend...
It's hard to find a private space at work when you need to get away from the madness. So if you ever retreat to the filthy but private sanctuary of a bathroom stall . . . you're not alone. A new survey asked Americans what they've done in the bathroom at work besides actually...
Son Allegedly Chopped 350-Pound Dad Into Pieces, Used Body as a TV Stand Nathan Robinson, 28, stands accused of murdering his 350-pound father, chopping the body into small pieces, placing those pieces into a set of stacked storage boxes, and using the assemblage as a TV stand...
We asked him some of our questions and some of your questions on this week's edition of #TalkinShat with #22 Kevin Shattenkirk