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Here are the items passed through today's Glory Hole Challenge: Naked Ken Doll Moon's Underwear Rag Full Of Whipped Cream Bloody Mackerel Head Was Patrico able to identify the objects? Check out the audio and video below to find out! Glory Hole Challenge - Naked Ken Doll, Moon's...
A Drunk Guy Demands to be Arrested For His 21st Birthday…and the Cops Make That Birthday Wish Come True Michael Mulea of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania turned 21 last Friday, and by the end of the night, he got the one thing he wanted for his birthday. Michael was out celebrating...
Woman Runs Down Mother And Son The Orange County Sheriff's Office says a mother and her 14-year-old son were run down by a woman after an argument Sunday night. Deputies say 31-year-old Crystal Morrison and Mary-Jo Wood got into an argument outside of Orlando Paintball on Rose...
George Lainez has a thirst for theft, according to his arrest report. The 58-year-old man loaded 27 cases of beer into a shopping cart and walked out the door of the Wal-Mart in North Lauderdale on Tuesday, the Sheriff's Office said. A loss prevention officer spotted Lainez...
A 27-year-old woman had a miraculous escape after walking into a moving freight train while texting on her mobile phone. Sheena Keynna was hit by the train on Monday afternoon as she walked around the crossing gates and into the path of the passing freight train in Lakeland in...
If you accidentally hit a pole or a parked car during your driving test, you'd probably think it was the most embarrassing thing that could happen. And you would be wrong. Here are five true stories of EPIC driving test disasters . . . 1. The DMV tester had the driver slow down...