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Alleged 'Poopy Pants Burglar' Rodney Hendrix connected to church theft by DNA, Denver DA says. ViA: The headline of the Denver District Attorney’s Monday press release doesn’t do these allegations justice. “Dirty shorts lead to burglary charges,” the line...
If You Can Finish a 30-Pound Burrito at This Restaurant, They'll Make You an Owner. There are hundreds of restaurants around the country with extreme eating challenges. Usually you have to finish, like, a five-pound hamburger to get a t-shirt or something. Forget about that...
JUSTIN BIEBER isn't happy that his junk has been splashed all over the Internet. He's even threatened lawsuits over the photos. But Justin's dad Jeremy doesn't seem too stressed about it. He Tweeted, quote, "What do you feed that thing. #proud daddy." Yeah, you can see where...
Stupid New Photo Trend: "Extreme Phone Pinching" There's a new social media trend that has the one element of any good social media trend: It lets you show off just how STUPID you really are. It's called "Extreme Phone Pinching." You take your phone, hold it loosely with just...
Aaron Rodgers threw two long touchdown passes to lead the Packers to a 24-10 win over the Rams in Green Bay. Nick Foles was just 11-of-30 for 141 yards. He threw one touchdown pass, but was sacked three times and also picked off four times as the Rams fell to 2-and-3. The Rams...
A Couple Posted an Engagement Photo on Facebook . . . That Accidentally Showed Their Pregnancy Test This couple didn't just tell the world that they got engaged . . . they accidentally told the world WHY they got engaged. A woman named Miranda Levy got engaged this week, and...
BuzzFeed Asked Its readers to share their most awkward and embarassing gym stories and oh boy there are some gnarly ones. Check out the full list we covered on the show today here!