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You Spent 42 Hours and $960 Sitting in Rush Hour Traffic Last Year The Texas A&M Transportation Institute just released its annual study on how much time Americans spent sitting in rush hour traffic last year. But they act like being stuck in your car is a BAD thing. As the...
Well, the DUGGARS sent JOSH away again. He's in rehab. His parents are praying for him and will take care of Anna and their kids. Meanwhile, sources say divorce is completely off the table, and Anna won't even express anger toward Josh, because in their religion, women aren't...
Oxford Is Adding "Butthurt," "Brain Fart," "Butt Dial," and "Mic Drop" to the Dictionary The Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most famous dictionaries in the world. It's HARD for a word to get in there. But they also have a branch called the Oxford Dictionaries that adds...
Man Named Macaroni Sleeps In His Own Feces On Church Steps 68-year-old Louis Larson was arrested Saturday for defecating on the steps of a church in Gainesville. According to police, he caused up to $70 in damages. While he was doing his business a man at a neighboring parking...
Woman Hires Hitman Because Her Grandkids Got Lice A Florida woman is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill a man she claims gave her grandchildren lice. Police in New Smyrna said Pamela Vanorsdale, 50, tried to hire her former son-in-law to “pop” the proposed victim, 22-...
We Spend Five Years of Our Lives Worrying . . . Here Are the Top 10 Things We Worry About Here's something new to worry about: You worry too much. What a vicious cycle. A new study found we're literally wasting YEARS of our lives worrying. We do it for an average of one hour and...