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Two Huntingdon County women are facing criminal charges after they attacked each other with the taxidermied head of an antlered deer, state police said. In a press release, troopers said the two women were arguing. The argument eventually turned physical and the women swung a...
Shelby Miller threw seven innings and gave up one run but the Cardinals fell to Boston 2-1. Matt Adams singled in the lone run. Trevor Rosenthal allowed two hits and a run in the ninth. Adam Wainwright takes the mound against Brandon Workman as the series continues tonight. The...
LOCAL: FAKE COP APPROACHES KIDS IN DES PERES The City of Des Peres Department of Public Safety issued a warning for residents regarding a man who is allegedly targeting juveniles by posing as an undercover police officer. The advisory states that on Sunday night two boys were...
S omeone posted what MIGHT be topless cell phone pictures of SELENA GOMEZ. The woman's face is only visible from the mouth down, so there's no way to tell if it's really her . . . but it looks like it COULD be. Most importantly, Selena's infamous CHEST MOLES seem to be in the...
ANOTHER F***ING LIST: 10 ITEMS YOU SHOULD NEVER ORDER According to ANSWERS.COM Special Milk Coffee Drinks at Fast Food Joints The machines are routinely neglected, and rarely cleaned at most restaurants. Most employees are not even trained on its cleaning and maintenance. All...
Every guy knows there's one thing that you can say or do that will instantly piss off your wife or girlfriend. For example: you tell her "you are acting like your mother." WHAT'S THE ONE THING YOU CAN DO OT SAY THAT YOU KNOW WILL START A FIGHT?
Ladies we love ya, but some times you do some stupid things. Listen in to today's Bitch-Be-Tripping stories we found and some from the listeners. TODAY'S BBT STORIES INCLUDE: LOCAL: WOMAN TRIES TO GET OFF JURY DUTY CLAIMING JUDGE JUDY'S HER MOM WOMAN TRIES TO KILL HUSBAND.....