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CAR WITH 91-YEAR-OLD WOMAN INSIDE STOLEN FROM HEALTH CENTER Police were still looking Monday for a car stolen over the weekend while a 91-year-old was inside and for the woman who took it. The thief pulled away from St. Mary’s Health Center late Saturday afternoon in the 2013...
As a kid, it's socially acceptable to HATE a bunch of different foods . . . maybe scrunch your nose up and stick out your tongue when you see them. As an adult, you're not SUPPOSED to do that. But we SO do. According to a new survey, 70% of men and 81% of women say they have at...
A man from Litiz, Pennsylvania was recent arrested and charged with assault after he set his girlfriend’s vagina on fire. According to recent reports, his girlfriend was rushed to a local emergency room to receive treatment for her injuries, as a result police launched an...
The audio from when "Django Unchained" actress Daniele Watts got into it with a police officer was released. Cops were called to the scene last Thursday because she was making out with her white boyfriend in a car in L.A. in the middle of the day . . . apparently that bothered...
A father 'flipped out' while allegedly doing drugs with his 14-year-old daughter in hotel room. Charles James was arrested on Monday after an employee at a Baytown, Texas, hotel heard screams for help coming from a room. Police were called to Palace Inn Hotel and found James in...
For the second straight week the Eagles pulled off a comeback with a 30-27 victory against the Colts on "Monday Night Football". Cody Parkey clinched the win with a 36-yard field goal as time expired. Philadelphia trailed 20-6 in the third quarter before scoring 24 of the next...
PICTURE OF THE DAY: COLOMBIA CYCLING TEAM HAS INTERESTING UNIS These are awesome....maybe until the "nude" colored lower torso gives the impression they are naked...and is that a vagina I see? Check these out HERE
145 People taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning Approximately 145 people were transported to hospitals after a carbon monoxide leak at a middle school in Macoupin County, Illinois. According to police, the North Mac Campus in Girard, Illinois was evacuated around 9:...
According to McDonald’s Ambient Noise Score: 1.2 (kids screaming, other people farting) Ambient Smell Score: 3.6 (it smells like McDonald’s in here) Fart Confidence Score: 4.8 Arts and Crafts Store Ambient Noise Score: 2.2 (muzak) Ambient Smell Score: 2.7 (potpourri...