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Theme: Fights Gone Wrong - Watch More Funny Videos When Clumsy Girls Attack
Listen in below as we play CRAIGSLIST / HOOSIER PRICE IS RIGHT ITEM 1. A PAIR of toilets ITEM 2. 3 RIMS no tires.
SEX IN EXOTIC PLACES What's an overrated place to have sex? Listen in and hear some sexy stories or not-so-sexy stories about the most overrated sex destinations... HAVING SEX IN YOUR CAR Back in the day, everyone had sex in the backseat of a car. These days, kids get high on...
Nathaniel Horn and Cunningham were drinking together on Saturday night at Lena Heller’s home in the Montana town of Laurel when they began arguing over the best branch of the military, Heller told KULR. Cunningham lives in the same complex as Heller, while Horn was in town...
Showtime has a documentary series called "7 Deadly Sins". This week's episode was about lust, and featured a 78-year-old woman named Shirley and just like gam-gam . . . she starts explaining why she recently got into GANGBANGS. She says she's done 14 of them since 2008. Then she...
Last night at the VMAs, MILEY CYRUS sent a young homeless guy up to accept her Video of the Year award, and call attention to the plight of homeless youth. Meanwhile, three of the KARDASHIAN girls were spotted texting during a tribute to Ferguson, Missouri. Here are the rest of...
The St. Louis Rams will be without QB Sam Bradford this season. Bradford tore his ACL in his left knee in Saturday's preseason win over the Browns. It's the same ligament Bradford tore last season that caused him to miss nine games. He was playing in just his second preseason...
A GUY FAKES A KIDNAPPING...BECAUSE HE WANTS TO STAY OUT PARTYING LATER A 32-year-old guy in Manchester, England was out partying on Friday while his girlfriend was home, and she kept asking him when he was going to get back. He wanted to stay out . . . but apparently he couldn't...
11 FOODS THAT ACTUALLY MAKE YOU HUNGRIER Some foods can actually make you feel HUNGRIER when you eat them. Which is a good way to get big in a hurry, if you're not paying attention. Watch out for these 11 foods, and don't let them fool you. 1. White bread. It makes your insulin...