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Would You Rather Have Nude Photos Leaked, or Your Financial Information? Which sounds worse to you: Having nude photos of you fly around the Internet . . . or having some hacker in Russia rack up 50 grand of debt with your stolen credit card info? It's a tough call . . . but...
A 31-Year-Old Attacked His Mom For Telling Him to Get a Job With the huge number of people moving back in with their parents these days, I think we can assume these kinds of fights are going to become more and more common. 31-year-old Jesse Randolph of Muncie, Indiana was in the...
"Us Weekly" says Ben has been enjoying the erotic services of 28-year-old Christine Ouzounian, who is their nanny. Supposedly, things started getting physical between them while Ben and Jen were on a trial separation. And when Jennifer found out, she fired her. But Ben's...
The Reds shutout the Cardinals for the second straight night, grabbing a 1-0 win last night .John Lackey took the loss after giving up a homer. The real bummer from last night… It looks like Matt Holliday might be done. Holliday had to leave last night's loss to the Reds due to...
An Arizona man allegedly tried to kill another man with a rattlesnake, but the snake would not bite. Nathaniel Buck Harrison, 38, of Oracle, Ariz., entered a person's home on July 23 and accused a man of being a "rat" and for sending his friend to prison, according to the Pinal...
Firefighter Quits After Telling Girl To Deal With Dying Teen Herself A New Mexico firefighter working 911 dispatch has quit his job after telling a caller who was caring for a dying teenager to "deal with it yourself." Albuquerque firefighter Matthew Sanchez, 34, resigned...