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A woman flings blood at cops after DUI A 24-year-old Bismarck woman, suspected of driving under the influence, was arrested early Saturday morning after she allegedly flung blood from her head wound on police officers and assaulted an emergency room nurse. The head wound was...
Five Relationship Things Women Shouldn't Stress About "Cosmo" came out with a new list of five things that you shouldn't stress about in your relationship. Listen up, ladies . . . 1. He gives terrible gifts. Most guys aren't into creating scavenger hunts with rose petals and...
A Guy Relieved Himself on a Waitress From a Balcony at a Bar As far as ROCK BOTTOM moments go, I'd say this is a pretty clear example. 20-year-old Orion Jones of Key West, Florida was at a bar on Friday night, and standing on the balcony overlooking the street. And while he was...
A Guy Is Busted For Having Sex With a Pony . . . When He's Found Sweating Profusely and "Smelling Strongly of Horses" There are few animals more adorable than those little Shetland ponies. Regardless, please do not attempt to have intercourse with them. Back on August 8th in...
Blues goalie Martin Brodeur is calling it a career. The 42-year-old will formally retire tomorrow, but stay on with the Blues in a management role. The longtime Devils star signed with the Blues last month before taking a leave of absence to decide his future. The Blues return...
KFC Created a Hot Dog That Uses Fried Chicken as a Bun Every once in a while we see an American fast food chain create some CRAZY menu item that they only sell overseas. And normally, as good as it sounds, we accept that it may never make its way over here. We are NOT okay with...
Walmart customer fights back when robber tries to steal her purse!! Arnold police are looking for four suspects involved in the robbery of a woman in the parking lot of the Walmart store near I-55 and Highway 141 around 6:45 pm Monday. Detectives say one of the suspects was... Did a Brilliant "Lost Puppy" Ad to Mock Budweiser, But Animal Lovers Freaked Out released a BRILLIANT Super Bowl ad yesterday mocking those Budweiser "puppy" commercials. But animal lovers absolutely LOST THEIR BOWELS over it, so it's been pulled. The ad...