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Edward smith talks about how he makes love to cars Edward Smith told a tv show that although he has made love to 700 cars in his lifetime, he has now settled down with the ‘love of his life’ - a Volkswagen Beetle he calls ‘Vanilla’. Mr Smith, 63, is a mecaphile, which means he...
Listen in below and decide on who you think is our FREAK OF THE WEEK! 1. REFRIGERATOR PERRY 2. TENNIS THE MENACE 3. DEADY WHITE ***WINNER***
The Giants are one win away from the World Series. They used a three-run sixth inning to beat the Cardinals in Game Four of the NLCS from San Francisco. Buster Posey drove in three runs to carry the Giants, who now lead the best-of-seven series 3-1. Marco Gonzales took the loss...
A Family Gets an Extra $122,000 For Their House When They Agree to Include Their Cat You might say there's NO amount of money that could get you to give away your family's cat . . . and you would be wrong. For THIS amount of money, you'd HAPPILY give away your cat, and get a new...
Apparently ROBIN THICKE is done begging for PAULA PATTON to come back. He threw himself a wild divorce party on Friday night that included LEONARDO DICAPRIO and a bunch of models. It started at a club called Hyde, then moved to Robin's house in the Hollywood Hills, where Leo and...
GAME SHOW TALK: Woman on "Family Feud" has to name something she'd change about her husband's body...and says, "his penis" On Monday, a woman on "Family Feud" named Joyce had to name a part of her husband's body she'd like to change . . . and she said "HIS PENIS". Now, we're not...
A man is arrested for aggressive mopping I guess ANYTHING can be construed as THREATENING . . . even if you're doing something quite helpful and professional. 30-year-old John Thornton of Southington, Connecticut was staying at a DoubleTree Hotel in Bristol, Connecticut on...