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It's hard to find a private space at work when you need to get away from the madness. So if you ever retreat to the filthy but private sanctuary of a bathroom stall . . . you're not alone. A new survey asked Americans what they've done in the bathroom at work besides actually...
Son Allegedly Chopped 350-Pound Dad Into Pieces, Used Body as a TV Stand Nathan Robinson, 28, stands accused of murdering his 350-pound father, chopping the body into small pieces, placing those pieces into a set of stacked storage boxes, and using the assemblage as a TV stand...
We asked him some of our questions and some of your questions on this week's edition of #TalkinShat with #22 Kevin Shattenkirk
Check out the article at 27. Grape-Nuts Cerious talk: What is there to say about Grape-Nuts? You don’t even go into eating Grape-Nuts thinking that it’s a good idea. You know from the get-go that it’s not going to be pretty. I mean you’re basically spooning ROCKS...
A Stripper Is Arrested For Attacking Another Woman With Her Clear Plastic High Heel Strippers tend to wear high heels that are GIGANTIC and pointy and look like they could easily turn into weapons. And sadly . . . sometimes they do. 22-year-old Carolyn Wright is a stripper at...
You have to guess if the following is either a Wrestling Finishing move or a Sex move? Two out of three correct and you win: Break a Bitch - ANSWER Over Passed - ANSWER The Tormentum - ANSWER The Alaskan Pipe Line - ANSWER The Topeka Destroyer - ANSWER Oklahoma Stampede - ANSWER...
An apparently inebriated man stole a bulldozer from a West Hudson Park construction site and wreaked havoc in the park as he tried to drive it home from Harrison to Newark on Friday, officials said. “He said he was cold and was trying to ride it home to the Ironbound section of...
Tuukka Rask stopped all 33 shots he faced as the Bruins shutout the Blues 2-0 in Boston. Brian Elliott made 15 saves for the Blues, who had their winning streak stopped at three. The Blues' road trip continues tomorrow in Montreal. The Cardinals will begin spring training...