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A new study shows a wide range in driver death rates, with the smallest, cheapest cars proving to be the most risky in a serious accident. The study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which looked at large-sales volume vehicles between the 2008 and 2011 model years,...
MOM Puts Shit in Son's IV A West Virginia woman was indicted Tuesday for allegedly putting fecal material into her 9-year-old child's IV at a Cincinnati hospital, officials said. Candida Fluty's child was born with Hirschsprung, a congenital condition affecting bowels, according...
A Montage of Songs with the Line "Whoa-Oo-Oh" Have you ever noticed how many songs have a part where there aren't any lyrics . . . they just sing the word "whoa" followed by a couple "oh oh oh's"? Someone put together a five-minute montage of them to show how common it is.
So Tara was asked... How many total runs are scored after a Grand Slam in baseball. SHE said 10. Answer: 4 Her number is 314-489-7166 Show her some Ninja Love Jason was then asked to.... Name the three characters that represent Rice Krispies.. This dummy didnt know Snap, Crackle...
A Woman Tells a Cop She Wasn't Driving Drunk . . . and Promptly Poops Her Pants Assuming you don't have incontinence issues or a malfunctioning rectum, there's really NO excuse for pooping your pants as an adult. Other than being super drunk, that is. 47-year-old Michelle Meyers...
The Convention and Visitors Commission says it will take a "spectacular effort" to keep the Rams in St. Louis. Chairman Andrew Leonard made the comment at Wednesday's meeting, saying there is no question in his mind that the Rams would rather be in Los Angeles. Blues goalie...