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SOCK PUPPETS!? COME ON JENNY! and here is a bonus we found on this topic! CHECK IT OUT HERE
Kids Carjack Car in Soulard via St. Louis police are investigating a carjacking late Tuesday night in Soulard. The ages of the five suspects involved might make you do a double take. Police say the suspects range in age from six to 15. The carjacking happened at...
Hollywood relationships don’t always work. But some celebrity couples seem to be making it work. Here's a massive list of those that are holding steady . . . Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, married 33 years. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, married 33 years. Bono and Ali Hewson, married...
A Little Girl Got Kicked by a Pony on Live TV A little girl was being interviewed by the local news at a county fair in New Jersey the other day, when she got kicked by a PONY that was standing next to her. It looks like she's okay though. It's also possible it just knocked her...
Two Shoplifters Say They Thought Georgia's "Tax-Free Holiday" Meant They Could Take Anything They Wanted Georgia had a "tax-free holiday" this weekend, where there was no sales tax on clothes, shoes, and other back-to-school stuff. It's hard to misinterpret what the holiday was...
Illinois dad tries to run over daughter’s bullies An Illinois man is accused of trying to run over a group of kids that were allegedly bullying his daughter. And the entire scene was caught on camera. Roy Williams, Jr., 56, called police last week after hearing his 13-year-old...
More than 380 in U.S. Sickened by Cilantro-Linked Infection More than 380 people in 26 U.S. states have been diagnosed with a stomach illness tied to Mexican cilantro contaminated by human waste, two federal agencies said Tuesday. It's the fourth consecutive summer in which the...