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We play a song in reverse...yo have to tell us the NAME OF THE TITLE OF THE SONG! Get it right, you get the prize and the pride... Listen in and see how you do. Some are definitely harder than others
A Stripper Got Naked in a Luxury Box at the Australian Football Championship The Australian Football League had its Grand Final on Saturday . . . that's the equivalent of the Super Bowl for Australian rules football. And your response is probably . . . who cares? So what could...
A birthday celebration turned sour for a North Lauderdale couple when both were accused of DUI after a road-rage incident in Coral Springs, police said. Records show it was the fourth DUI arrest for Michele Ann Rivera, 49, and the first for Stancel Ganus Kinsley, 68, who were...
Chipotle caught in the middle of a diaper-changing debacle When a mother didn't find a changing table in the restroom, she used a dining room table instead. Though Chipotle is a family-friendly chain of restaurants serving "farm to face" fare, individual locations don't always...
Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps is acknowledging his arrest on DUI and other traffic charges in Baltimore. Phelps took to Twitter to issue an apology, saying, QUOTE "I understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility. I know these words may not mean...
"Giant's Penis" Flower gets 100-inch erection.... The phallus-shaped bloom of the titan arum, a flower native to the western Sumatra equatorial rainforest in Indonesia, reached a height of 255 centimetres, a new record, the botanical garden said. In previous years the bloom of...
UK hibernator breakfast is massive: A restaurant in England called the Bear Grills Café is serving this breakfast platter called “The Hibernator.” It contains 8,000 calories worth of breakfast food (for reference, the average man needs around 2,500 calories per day and women...
7 kids drinks made better with booze Kids' drinks are served on the way-too-sweet side: They're so sweet it's near-impossible to sip from the straw of a juice box without ending up with sticky fingers. Our grown-up taste buds can't handle the beverages straight from their...
The Average Person Spends $70,000 on Alcohol in Their Lifetime A new study found the average person spends $70,000 on alcohol in their lifetime. That sounds like a ton, but think about it like this . . . based on the average U.S. life expectancy, you have 58 years from when you...