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An Arizona man allegedly tried to kill another man with a rattlesnake, but the snake would not bite. Nathaniel Buck Harrison, 38, of Oracle, Ariz., entered a person's home on July 23 and accused a man of being a "rat" and for sending his friend to prison, according to the Pinal...
Firefighter Quits After Telling Girl To Deal With Dying Teen Herself A New Mexico firefighter working 911 dispatch has quit his job after telling a caller who was caring for a dying teenager to "deal with it yourself." Albuquerque firefighter Matthew Sanchez, 34, resigned...
"Glamour's" Idiotic List of 13 Ways to Make a Guy Fall For You "Glamour" magazine is catching heat for a list they posted last weekend called "13 Little Things That Can Make a Man Fall Hard for You." Readers thought it was like something you'd read in the 1950's, so "Glamour"...
Naked man jumps head-first through apartment window A naked man was taken to a hospital for observation after he jumped head-first through the window of an apartment in Orlando and refused to put down a large shard of broken glass when deputies arrived. Orange County Sheriff's...
Neighborhood ice cream truck driver arrested wearing only underwear A host of complaints about a neighborhood ice cream truck driver forced the response of police in Erie County, New York Friday night. Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies said they received reports of the driver of an...
A Judge Banned a Woman from Every Walmart for the Rest of Her Life Does this fit the definition of cruel and unusual punishment? Back in December, 63-year-old Johanna Cassimore got caught shoplifting $258 worth of stuff from a Walmart in Mount Olive, New Jersey. (About 45 miles...