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A Man Is Busted Walking Around Naked and Pleasuring Himself . . . and Blames It on His Mom Not Letting Him Watch Porn in the House It would be pretty jarring to look out your window on a lovely winter afternoon and see a FULLY NAKED MAN walking down the street, FONDLING himself...
It's easy, we name one of those College Football Bowl Games and you tell us if its REAL or IF we made it up! (FAKE)
A new survey asked people to name the strangest gift they'd ever gotten from a coworker. Here are the best answers . . . 1. A box of Hot Pockets. 2. A chess piece . . . just one piece, not a set. 3. A fire extinguisher. 4. A coupon for a free lawn game the coworker had invented...
It’s nice to get your co-workers a little something for the holidays. Unless it’s one of these things. 1. Lingerie. Obviously. But also, no gift cards for Victoria’s Secret or anywhere else that might be inappropriate. 2. A self-help book. Especially if it’s about work, or how...
The Seven Most Common Reactions to Getting a Bad Present Have you ever given someone a present and known IMMEDIATELY from their face that they were disappointed? Or . . . maybe you could tell from them YELLING at you? A new survey found 52% of Americans have gotten a negative...
The Five Lamest Christmas Gifts A new survey asked 3,000 people for the lamest Christmas gifts they've ever gotten. Most of them are fine as a secondary gift. They just shouldn't be the ONLY thing you give someone you're close to. Here are the top five. 1. Cheap jewelry...
Santa Should Get a Salary of About $140,000 This Year It would cost Santa TRILLIONS of dollars to buy all the toys kids ask him for . . . so I think it's safe to say he's operating at a MASSIVE LOSS. Sweet tax write-off, Santa . . . sweet tax write-off. An annual study looked...
Moms Do 23 Major Christmas Tasks . . . Dads Do Eight Christmas is great when you're a little kid and it's all toys and food . . . but Christmas is a JOB when you're a parent. Well . . . when you're a mom. As a dad, apparently it's still just toys and food. A new survey found...