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Illinois looks at legalizing and taxing marijuana A pair of Illinois lawmakers are proposing to drop the legal prohibition of marijuana and taxing its legal sales. St. Rep. Kelly Cassidy and St. Sen. Heather Steans, both Chicago area Democrats, filed the bill in Springfield on...
A Guy Rode a Retired Racehorse and Regretted It A guy in the U.K. took a retired racehorse named Shamrock out for a ride earlier this month, and it TOOK OFF on him. He had a GoPro on, and just the sound of him freaking out is pretty funny. He ended up falling off, but he's okay.
Labrador Retrievers Are the Most Popular Dogs in America For the 26th Year in a Row Americans like Labrador retrievers so much that it's almost getting boring. The American Kennel Club just released their list of the most popular dog breeds from last year. And for the 26th year...
How Many of These Weird Habits Do You Have? Do you ever wonder if other people share the same weird habits as you? Well we found an online survey about it. Here are eight questions we liked . . . 1. When you leave a store without buying anything, do you get worried they'll think...
"Beauty and the Beast" set records with its $170 million opening weekend. But it just did something that might be even MORE impressive. It has out-earned the original, animated "Beauty and the Beast" in just FIVE DAYS. Its global box office total is closing in on the $500...
Last night was the championship game in the World Baseball Classic. The US took on Puerto Rico in the finals. And, it was all USA all game. The US won the game 8-0 as Marcus Stroman took a no hitter into the 6th inning. He was named the 2017 WBC MVP as the United States won it’s...
Four Ways to Prevent Your Gadgets from Spying on You Hacking has been in the news because of the whole Trump wire-tap thing. KellyAnne Conway said microwaves can turn into cameras over the weekend, and the Internet went nuts with it. Here are four ways to deal with gadgets that...
Congratulations, Matt - today's Team Rizz member-of-the-day! Every Team Rizz member-of-the-day receives a limited-edition TEAM RIZZ jersey, on-air mentions by The Rizzuto Show on the day you’re selected, an on-demand song request on that day’s show, a personal phone call from a...
A Woman Uses the Spoon Attached to a Store's Bathroom Key to Cook Heroin You know how sometimes when you use the bathroom key at a store or a restaurant, they attach it to something to keep it from getting lost? This store did that . . . but I'm sure they NEVER realized what it...