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10 Colors, 20 flavors.... Listen in and see who got gross not once but TWICE!
THE FIRST GUY IN AUSTRALIA WITH AN iPhone 6 DROPS IT ON LIVE TV.... After waiting in line for hours, possibly even days, the wait was over for an iPhone fan in Australia. Apple’s newest smartphone was released on Friday but one customer was a little too excited about his new toy...
Facts your girlfriend doesn't want you to know about her...according to a woman From BROBIBLE.COM We like popping your zits It’s like a gross, grooming video game for us. We know all of your passwords For Netflix. For Facebook. For Gmail. For that old Yahoo account that you just...
MONDAY'S HEADLINE HOOSHE: .413 BAL Need we say more? A woman with a blood-alcohol level more than five times the level at which Florida law presumes impairment was arrested Friday afternoon after trying to pick up a child from school, Pasco County deputies said. Renata Congleton...
A Walmart in Mexico Is in Trouble For Holding a Promotional Cockfight You know people have realized cockfighting is bad when it's even frowned upon in MEXICO. A Walmart in Boca del Rio, Mexico is being investigated right now for allegedly hosting a promotional COCKFIGHT earlier...
MILEY CYRUS could be in trouble for wearing a big, fake butt and letting a dancer spank her with a Mexican flag during a show this week in Monterrey, Mexico. Some local politicians want her charged with desecrating the flag, and they'd like to see her punished with a $1,270 fine...
BEST DRUNK FOOD according the COLLEGE HUMOR Grilled Cheese Curly Fries Quesadillas Grilled CheeseBurger Mozzarella Sticks Nachos Cheese Steak Bacon Taco Bell 20-piece Chicken McNuggets Fried Chicken Chilli Cheese Fries Burrito Cheeseburger Pizza Here are 9 foods you should never...
Tony Cruz delivered the game-winning single in the bottom of the 13th to give the Cardinals a 3-2 win over the Brewers at Busch . Shelby Miller struck out four and allowed one earned run in six frames for the no-decision. Sam Freeman logged the win in relief. St. Louis remains...
COTTON CANDY VENDOR AT BUSCH POOPS WITH TREAT ON GROUND A photo from a women’s restroom at Wednesday night’s Cardinals game has both fans and the Cardinals' front office disgusted. The photo shows a cotton candy vendor putting snacks down on a dirty bathroom floor while she took...