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KRISTEN WIIG goes FULL-FRONTAL in the middle of a casino in her new movie "Welcome to Me" . . . and we have pictures. Kristen plays a woman who wins the lottery, goes off her psychiatric meds and buys her own talk show. It also stars James Marsden, Timothy Robbins, Jennifer...
A Man Is Stabbed in the Butt Over a $5 Haircut Paying $5 for a haircut seems too good to be true . . . there has to be a catch. And in this case, there DEFINITELY was. A barber in Paulsboro, New Jersey charges $5 for haircuts . . . and on Saturday afternoon, a guy went to get...
You'd like to think your friends are respectful enough not to immediately fling open your medicine cabinet the second they get into your bathroom. Well . . . they're not. A new survey found about 40% of women admit they've dug through their friends' stuff in the bathroom. 33%...
Mother Who Sealed Newborn in Plastic Bag Charged With Murder A Michigan woman has been arraigned on murder and child abuse charges after giving birth at her office and putting her newborn child in a plastic bag in her desk. Kimberly Pappas, 25, told police that she had had a...
We talked a lot on the show about horrible ways to die and there was a lengthy discussion about a woodchipper...See where it ranked on the list! Check out the full list HERE