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Alright let’s get thru this without crying…American Idol ended last night. But boy they had a party didn’t they? Did you know season one had 2 hosts? Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman..Seacrest hit the stage and then… As for the show itself, there were performances by a TON of former...
Vladimir Tarasenko's goal 3:37 into overtime gave the Blues a 2-1 win over the Blackhawks. Tarasenko also scored in regulation. St. Louis is tied with Dallas for the top spot in the West, but the Stars hold the tiebreaker. The Blues close out the regular season tomorrow night at...
In too big a hurry for apps that require one click or two clicks to make purchases? The pizza chain Domino’s unveiled a new app for “zero-click” ordering on Wednesday. Here is how it works, according to a news release : “Download the app and link it to a Domino’s Pizza Profile...
Driver allegedly high on heroin while striking family charged ( - A man is charged with hitting a family of three with a car while they were crossing the street in St. Ann Tuesday afternoon. Jeremy Jamison, 23, of Florissant is charged with two counts of second-degree...
Reading this list might count... A new study looked at millions of miles of driving data over three years, and found that texting ISN'T the most dangerous thing you can do behind the wheel. That is NOT a license to whip out your phone, by the way. Put it down, shut your pie hole...
A 23-year-old woman named Tiffany Flores was in her friend's car when they got pulled over in Fellsmere, Florida on Tuesday.And she dropped her bag of cocaine out the passenger's side window after they already STOPPED. So the cops saw it on the ground next to the car and...