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Last night Jimmy Kimmel did another installment of "This Week In Unnecessary Censorship". Check it out:
Here's a mash-up of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and the Nine Inch Nails "The Perfect Drug" Listen and see what you think:
DUMMY: Comic-Book Fan Chops Off Nose to Look Like Super Villian 37-year-old Henry Damon of Caracas, Venezuela has undergone several procedures, including cutting off a part of his nose, to make himself look like the villain Red Skull from the popular comic book. Damon has...
Tuesday: Sitting on a whiskey bottle **WINNER** A female driver who was not wearing pants or underwear was sitting atop an empty bottle of Black Velvet whisky when police approached her following a recent traffic accident, according to a court complaint charging the motorist...
We found this list on's the top UNETHICAL (and possibly illegal) life hacks. Lay upside overyour bed to fake a sick call into work...You'll sound more congested this way Need a good cover letter for a new job? Post an ad for that job on Craigslist and pick the best...
BOBBY BROWN emerged from Emory University Hospital for some fresh air yesterday . . . and was immediately assaulted by the media. Obviously, they wanted to know how his daughter BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN is doing. He said, quote, "She's good. We're praying." Meanwhile, there have...
The Rams are staying in-house for their next offensive coordinator. The team has promoted quarterbacks coach Frank Cignetti (Sig-Netty) to the position after Brian Schottenheimer left to become offensive coordinator at the University of Georgia. Cignetti has coached the Rams'...
LOCAL: Ferguson Police Testing New "Less-Lethal" Gun Attachment About a month after a white officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., the city’s assistant police chief, Al Eickhoff, took to Google and searched under the words “less lethal.” Eickhoff, a 36-...