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Former New England Patriots tight end AARON HERNANDEZ was found guilty of murdering Odin Floyd yesterday . . . and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Aaron is 25, so he's looking at a long stretch. The murder happened in 2013 and his victim would...
CHARLOTTE MCKINNEY is the minx of the moment, thanks to her Carl's Jr. Super Bowl ad and her bouncing on the current season of "Dancing with the Stars" . And now we have the inevitable nude photo leak. We don't know if the pics are legit, but if they are, they show Charlotte's...
7 Things All Concerts Should Have For Socially Awkward People 1. Seats 2. A non-dancing Section 3. An Exit Specifically Marked For Calm and Orderly Types 4. Cool designs on the floor, so you have something to look at. 5. Wristbands color-coded to indicate you don't want...
We're still not sure whether Dennis Quaid's rant on a movie set the other day was real, or staged. But it reminded us of that Christian Bale meltdown a few years ago. So here they are . . . .talking to each OTHER.
Man Acquitted For Thinking San Francisco Apartment He Broke Into Was A Spaceship A man claims he broke into a San Francisco apartment because he thought it was a spaceship — and it worked in his defense. After getting into a scuffle with the people who lived at the Mission...
Oregon Woman Accused of Hitting Man On Head With Baseball Bat, Says She Didn’t Want to Date Him A 24-year-old Oregon woman and a 26-year-old Alabama man had been dating over the Internet since 2013 and agreed this spring he would move to Oregon and live with her, Marion County...