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New Jersey is the only state which Americans tend to have an unfavorable opinion of As America prepares to celebrate its 239th birthday this Saturday, YouGov compiled a 'State of the States', asking Americans how they feel about each and every state that forms our country. This...
The Internet Is Going Crazy For a Random Woman Who Looks a Lot Like Angelina Jolie . . . But With Enormous Breasts Of all the ways someone could describe how you look, " ANGELINA JOLIE but with gigantic breasts" really ain't bad . . . which is why this woman is burning up the...
Word has it ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS secretly got married over the weekend. There's no official confirmation yet, but everyone from "People" to E! to TMZ is reporting it. And the "New York Post" says it was so top-secret that guests weren't even told the time and place...
Ten Weird Benefits You're Probably Not Getting at Work If you got a paid day off last week, you're probably still glowing from your three-day weekend. Here's something to curb that joy a little bit. A new survey asked companies which benefits they offer, and most of them aren't...
Check out the results from week 6 of Real or Fake competition. This round the loser has to wash the other DJ's cars in a bikini. Find out who is the current cellar dweller below! Brought to you by Patricia's - Where fun and fantasy meet and Country Rock Cabaret - the newest “...
Lincoln Co. man accused of licking woman's neck, pulling down her pants A Troy, Mo man is facing charges for allegedly licking a woman's neck and trying to pull down her pants. Joseph Buechel, 52, is charged with two counts of misdemeanor elderly abuse. Police said Buechel...