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A Man Is Selling His Golf Clubs on Craigslist Because "My Wife No Longer Lets Me Play" Married life isn't quite the same as single life. And while most people eventually surrender to it . . . the change can be awfully SEVERE at first. A guy named Tim K. in Wilmington, Delaware...
19 Struggles Everyone Who Hates Waking Up Understands 1. You have to double- and triple-check the alarm on your phone before going to bed, otherwise you’d sleep until noon. 2. And you actually set a whole bunch of alarms, just to be safe. 3. This habit effectively trains you to...
Getting Hammered and Eating Junk Food Won’t Affect You at Work the Next Day, as Long as You Sleep And now it’s time for a really BAD lesson. You can go out tonight, drink ten beers, smoke a pack of cigarettes, and eat $30 worth of Taco Bell. And as long as you get into bed at a...
The New Social Media Trend Is the "Hold a Coke With Your Boobs Challenge" If the Ice Bucket Challenge was a charitable excuse for a global wet t-shirt contest, I guess this is the next logical step. The hot new social media trend is the "Hold a Coke With Your Boobs Challenge."...
The second part of the "Today" show's interview with TRACY MORGAN aired yesterday. Matt Lauer sat with him, his fiancée, and his lawyer in the "Saturday Night Live" studio. Tracy said it felt like being "home", but he still isn't ready to return to the stage. In fact, he couldn'...
Woman denies snorting ASHES of friend's dead mother during drunken house party A woman has denied snorting the ashes of her friend's dead mother after being accused of the horror crime earlier this year. Natalie Hawes, 20, was accused by friends of snorting the ashes of Jacqui...