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Man fights off carjacking attempt in Kirkwood. VIA: Police in Kirkwood responded to an attempted carjacking early Tuesday morning around 12:27 a.m. in the 10800 block of Manchester. According to police, the victim was approached from behind by two men. One of the...
After just two short years of marriage, it's over between AVRIL LAVIGNE and the angel-faced singer from NICKELBACK, CHAD KROEGER. Avril announced it on Instagram , along with a picture of them dancing on their wedding day. She said, quote, "We are still and forever will be, the...
Way Outside the Bun: Taco Bell Rolls Out 'Crispy Chicken' Taco Shell VIA: Taco Bell is thinking outside the bun. The fast food chain is taking a cue from its corporate cousin KFC and will now serve a taco shell made of fried chicken. Called the "Naked Crispy Chicken...
A Guy Called 911 About a Unicorn With a Knife Chasing a Man in a Graveyard . . . and Wasn't Lying? A guy in Victoria, Canada called 911 on Sunday night, and reported a UNICORN . . . with a knife . . . chasing a guy around a cemetery. Sure. But even though that SOUNDS like what a...
A Hot 24-Year-Old Offers Sexual Favors to Three Cops to Let Her Go . . . And They All Turn Her Down! There are three cops in Clearwater, Florida who have a LOT more self-control than you do. Which is especially impressive in Florida . . . a state where there are no laws. A cop...
Drunk Man, 32, Arrested After Telling Police His Name Was "Kris Kringle" After being arrested early today for disorderly intoxication, a 32-year-old Florida man compounded matters by telling cops that his name was “Kris Kringle” and that he was born in 1935. According to police...