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via Just what is up with the current “Jeopardy” championnnnn? Could it be her extended upward inflectionnnnn??? Laura Ashby of Marietta, Georgia, has more than intrigued viewers across America in recent days, and it has nothing to do with her obvious intelligence, as she...
Man Kills Teen Breaking Into His Car Police say a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by a 60-year-old man after he was interrupted while stealing from an unlocked car. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that three teens were in the 5900 block of Riverview. A 60-year-old man...
Black Friday Round-Up: Sales Are Down, Fights Are Up Another Black Friday is behind us, and hey . . . no one died! That's what progress looks like, America. But that doesn't mean everything went smoothly. Here's our four point round-up of Black Friday 2015 . . . 1. If you feel...
This moron wonders why his face hurts after he LIGHTS FIRECRACKERS ON HIS LIPS.... CHECK IT OUT HERE
A "kick-six" lifts the Ravens to a dramatic win on "Monday Night Football". Will Hill returned a blocked field goal for a touchdown as time expired to give the Ravens a 33-27 victory over the Browns in Cleveland. The Ravens improved to 4-and-7 with the win. Cleveland dropped to...
It Would Cost Just Over $34,000 to Buy Everything From "The Twelve Days of Christmas" This Year Every year around this time, the people at PNC Wealth Management calculate how much it would cost to buy all the stuff from "The Twelve Days of Christmas" . And this year, it'll cost...
Porn actor and producer James Deen, the guy who did The Canyons with Lindsey Lohan has been accused of rape. He has been dropped by his distributor Kink. Around the same time he was dropped from Kink, Deen announced he would be stepping down from his role as chairperson of the...