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The second part of the "Today" show's interview with TRACY MORGAN aired yesterday. Matt Lauer sat with him, his fiancée, and his lawyer in the "Saturday Night Live" studio. Tracy said it felt like being "home", but he still isn't ready to return to the stage. In fact, he couldn'...
Woman denies snorting ASHES of friend's dead mother during drunken house party A woman has denied snorting the ashes of her friend's dead mother after being accused of the horror crime earlier this year. Natalie Hawes, 20, was accused by friends of snorting the ashes of Jacqui...
A 79-year-old amputee named William Ballard in San Diego, California was sleeping around 3:30 A.M. yesterday morning when someone BUSTED into his apartment. It was a 54-year-old guy named Stanley McQuery. He shoved William out of his electric wheelchair, then stole his cell... has compiled a list of 10 female celebrities who’ve created billion-dollar empires. If one lesson can be learned from their success, it’s that the first thing you should do when you get famous is launch a fragrance. Here are the ridiculously rich and successful...
Police: Franklin DUI suspect had 13 cans of whipped cream in car A Franklin woman was hospitalized and charged with DUI after police found her disoriented and with 13 nearly empty cans of whipped cream scattered in her SUV, authorities said this week. Anna K. Thomas, 28, crashed...