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1 in 6 Young Americans Have Stolen Something in the Past Year, Study Finds. VIA: A new study tracking teens and young adults finds that stealing is quite common: about 1 in 6 report having swiped something in the past year. The study , published in the Journal of...
"Playboy" Is Going Nudity-Free! ou've heard the phrase, "The end of an era" before, but it's rarely as applicable as it is here: Starting next March, there will be NO MORE NUDITY IN "PLAYBOY" . For real. There will still be photo shoots featuring women in provocative poses, but...
A Man Busted For Meth Says He Needed It Because of Testicle Surgery. 32-year-old Gareth Tredrea of Sarina, Australia had TESTICLE SURGERY last fall. We don't know any more details about the surgery, so let your imagination run wild. Afterward, he was having trouble dealing with...
Uber hearing in St. Louis canceled, suit moved to federal court. VIA: A hearing in a lawsuit seeking to bar the ride-hailing company Uber from operating in the St. Louis area was cancelled Monday after Uber moved the lawsuit to federal court. The suit was filed by...
The 10 Little Things That Make a Bad Day Better. What little things make a bad day better? I mean, besides cocaine. How come you're ALWAYS bringing up cocaine? A new survey found 90% of people think it's the LITTLE things that can make a bad day better. Here are the top 10...
Tracy Morgan is knocking off the comedy cobwebs as he prepares to host this week's "Saturday Night Live." The comedian performed on stage last night for the first time in over 16 months. Morgan was at the Comedy Cellar and The Stand in New York City. It's the first time Morgan...