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Steve-O stopped by and hung out with us for the entire 9 oclock hour of the show! Listen to the amazing interview below and be sure and see him while he is in town. Check out the photos below and video of the full interview coming soon. VALLEY PARK FUNNYBONE Tickets AND VIP...
People Looking For Love Got Scammed Out of the Most Money Online Last Year We know people who run Internet scams are heartless, but this REALLY drives the point home. Last year, the worst victims of fraud online were people looking for love . . . specifically lonely older people...
Deputies say a man showed up Wednesday night with burns at an Ashland hospital -- burns they say he suffered in a meth lab fire. Deputies believe Glenn Manning Jr. was working two meth labs along Collins Road, just off Cannonsburg Road, when at least one of them caught fire...
A Girl's Sweet 16 Is Ruined When It Starts Raining Poop There's a girl named Jacinda Cambray in Levittown, Pennsylvania, and she had her sweet 16 birthday party on Sunday night. And everything was going great . . . until it started raining. Not water, though. It started raining...
A six-run fourth inning led the Cardinals to a 9-0 win over the Mets in the third of four at Citi Field. Jason Heyward hit a solo shot and Matt Adams connected for a three-run bomb. The Cards have beaten the Mets in the last two by a combined scored of 19-to-2. The Cardinals...
If you’re dating an only child, well, you might not be their only partner. A new study by a sugar-daddy website says people without siblings are 33 percent more likely to cheat than those who have brothers and sisters. Based on responses from 430,000 men and women, the survey by...